Teachers are pivotal in providing essential support for individuals pursuing dual careers. Recently, TWIN conducted a training session for the teaching staff of BFI Privatschule für Wirtschaft und Leistungssport, focusing on enhancing their interpersonal communication with aspiring athletes.

BFI Privatschule für Wirtschaft und Leistungssport Salzburg is an Austrian secondary school offering student athletes the chance to pursue their athletic ambitions while completing a sports administration apprenticeship. Many students are footballers or ice-hockey players affiliated with the Red Bull Salzburg Academy.

Communication in the loop

After collaborating with the school management, TWIN developed a tailored half-day team training for the institution. Drawing from applied philosophy, system theory, and communication science, the training aimed at equipping the BFI teaching staff with a solid groundwork for developing effective strategies to support young athletes in their dual careers. By delving into essential components of communication in the specific context of athlete education, the workshop design strived to influence their teaching methodologies, empowering them to adapt existing practices or formulate new approaches.

The first part of the team training illuminated the intricate systemic dynamics involved in supporting young athletes within an institutional setting. It encouraged participants to contemplate the multifaceted nature of dual career development, particularly focusing on skill enhancement. The second part integrated a cybernetic communication model with philosophical insights from figures such as Erich Fromm, Martin Buber, and Viktor Frankl. This fusion provided teachers with a framework for evaluating their approach when working with young sportsmen and sportswomen.

In summary, the team training for BFI underscored the importance of establishing and nurturing connections, considering viewpoints from teachers, the school, and its associated academy system. It also underscored the significance of the teacher’s mindset as the foundation of effective communication. These core elements of impactful communication now serve as tangible starting points for teachers to implement concrete adjustments in their classrooms.

Team training by TWIN

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