Introducing the EHF Respect Your Talent App, designed as a digital platform for self-development for talented handball players, as well as for their support networks.

Alongside the programme’s established physical formats, the digitalization of Respect Your Talent takes centre stage in the ambitions of the European Handball Federation (EHF). The latest culmination of these ambitions is the launch of the Respect Your Talent App.

Micro off-court-training at your fingertips

Accessible via the App Store and Google Play Store, the App offers 20 specialized training sessions covering Dual Career, Mental Fitness, Media, Anti-Doping, and Sports Law, with Nutrition modules forthcoming. Developed by a team comprising elite handball players and renowned experts, these sessions aim to equip aspiring athletes with strategies to navigate challenges across sports, education, and personal life.

“The Respect Your Talent App is a brand new source of inspiration and knowledge. We connected a large team of topical experts and world-class players to create easy, short, gamified, and hands-on training sessions, having the talents and their concrete career challenges in mind. Via the App, we want to give every young player the opportunity to access the most relevant resources that help them take more control of their personal journey.”
Michael Wiederer
EHF President

Notable expert contributors include Hans Holdhaus (Anti-Doping), Bojana Jelicic (Mental Fitness), Andreas Joklik (Sports Law), Simona Margetic, Ioana Patachi (Media), Maja Ivanovic, Tanja Sarenac (Nutrition), alongside TWIN (Dual Career).

Each micro-training session incorporates insights from elite players, expert advice, instructional videos, articles, customizable templates, practical drills, and quizzes. Designed to be completed within 10 to 15 minutes, these sessions seamlessly integrate into the schedules of young athletes.

Playtime with purpose

An integral feature of the App, inspired by the methodological design of TWIN, is gamification. Aligned with the Respect Your Talent ethos of nurturing and enhancing young players’ abilities, the App introduces a virtual currency termed “Talent.” By engaging with training sessions and honing their skills, players accumulate Talent tokens, which can be redeemed for exclusive Ambassador Sessions, fostering ongoing skill development and engagement.

The App aims to serve as an ever-expanding repository of talent development resources. Regular updates will introduce new training sessions and expand into additional training domains, with Nutrition scheduled for inclusion in the summer of 2024.

Find out more about the Respect Your Talent App at the Home of Handball.

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