Interlinked with the brand new Respect Your Talent App, EHF in cooperation with TWIN has recently introduced another digital format called “Ambassador Sessions”.   

The Ambassador Sessions are virtual Q&As between world handball stars and talented players. The live-online-events encourage youngsters to share, speak out, and ask their individual questions in areas such as Mental Fitness, Dual Career, Sports Law, Anti-Doping, or Nutrition. Supported by a topical expert, up to 15 young players per session can discuss and reflect upon challenges in on- and off-court life with their biggest idols. Previous events featured Nerea Pena (Spain), Vid Kavtičnik (Slovenia), Andrea Lekic (Serbia), Carlos Prieto (Spain), or Jelena Grubisic (Croatia).

Media advice from a handball great

One of the latest Ambassador Sessions was moderated by TWIN Founder & CEO Wolfgang Stockinger who welcomed double Olympic Champion Kari Aalvik Grimsbø (Norway), as well as Communications expert Simona Margetić. Dedicated to the Media topic of player interviews, participants dialled in from Portugal, North Macedonia, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, and Angola.

Kari Aalvik Grimsbo RYT 2
Kari Aalvik Grimsbø for Respect Your Talent

Individual interview statements are usually messages between 20-35 seconds. An important media skill for athletes is to make the most out of their short appearance on television or social media. However, giving their first interviews is perceived as very stressful by many young athletes. Sharing her personal experience and tips, Kari Aalvik Grimsbø reminded the participants of central points that will help them upgrade their interview performance, and keep their cool.

“The session was very helpful. It helped me understand the experiences I have are very much common […] amongst athletes, while also showing me ways to deal with my feelings.”
Feedback of John Doe
Talented handball player

Coming next

The Ambassador Sessions continue at full pace in the next months. Luka Stepančić, Ana Gros, or Dominik Klein are among the high-caliber ambassadors in spring 2024, inviting youngsters to discuss specific challenges connected to the talented athlete journey. Find more information at the Respect Your Talent website of the European Handball Federation (EHF).

Photos © Uros Hocevar / kolektiff