The Gaelic Players Association & TWIN have collaborated to develop an international project focused on promoting civic engagement within athlete education and role modelling.

The 2020s without doubt have so far been a period of extreme volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity. The consequent socio-economic tremors place both a personal as well as a systemic demand on world citizens, as well as on communities on local through to supra-national levels.

A gradual reconstruction of orientation, stability, and growth framed by European democratic principles therefore is becoming the most urgent challenge of this day and age. In the current political effort, every functional unit is asked to take on social responsibility. This includes high-level sport.

Widening the view

In fact, high-level sport is not only required to help develop social and skilled people as well as being high-performing athletes. In addition, it must remain aware of a growing existential dilemma: its response is needed on why society should keep supporting athletes hunting their dreams while the world faces much bigger problems. Put differently, high-level sport is asked to substantiate and renew its societal relevance.

This recognition was the starting signal for the collaboration between the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) & TWIN. After providing consulting services to Rugby Players Ireland and the Sport Ireland Institute, we are pleased to announce that thus the GPA (as the officially recognised national player representative body for inter-county players in Gaelic Football, Hurling, and Camogie) has become our third institutional client from Ireland.

“TWIN’s point of distinction is how they put themselves in the client’s shoes. This fosters a spirit of cooperation and real partnership. There is no client/consultancy divide. TWIN became part of our team when we worked with them. This ensures they are as invested in the results achieved as we are.”
Tom Parsons
CEO, Gaelic Players Association

Co-designing the New

Drawing from their respective backgrounds, the GPA & TWIN have collaboratively crafted a project proposal for Erasmus+, the European Union’s initiative supporting education, training, youth, and sport. Entitled “MÓRE”, the project centers on fostering civic engagement within athlete education and role modelling. Embracing the dual career principle, its design aims to ignite inter-generational, inter-sectoral, and international synergy, serving as a catalyst for social transformation. The proposed cooperation partnership extends beyond Ireland and Austria to include sport bodies and educational institutions from Italy, Germany, and South Africa.

Currently undergoing evaluation, the results for Erasmus+ funding are anticipated to be announced in autumn 2024. Project details will be disclosed only after this evaluation process.

Photo © Marko Reinke – CC BY 2.0 DEED