TWIN works with the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) on their advancement of “Player Plus”; an institutional programme to foster the personal and educational development of professional cricket players.

SACA is the official collective representative of South Africa’s professional cricketers. The association is a registered trade union and the voice of players in South African cricket.

As one of their institutional core services, the Player Plus programme was established in 2008 to provide SACA members with comprehensive personal development, dual career support, and off-pitch training. Regional Personal Development Managers (PDM) across the country deliver the programme in cooperation with accredited partners.

After years in-the-making, SACA appointed TWIN to review Player Plus, and assist to identify concrete actions for further programme development.

System meets programme

Creating an original athlete support programme, as well as developing it further require a design approach that takes into account the entire system in which it operates. However, analyzing the broader context can significantly increase complexity and reduce workability. Therefore, suchlike design ambition should not impede programme progression, but instead provide strategic direction to optimize next steps.

Our consulting applied a two-tiered methodical approach, based on virtual workshop sessions with SACA experts:

  1. Deconstruction – Make the system visible
  2. Analyse & make sense – Identify the programme potential

The collaboration resulted in a written programme analysis outlining recommended measures for improving Player Plus.

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