Establishing a cohesive organizational culture and fostering effective communication are crucial elements for driving system development. Recognizing this, Sportlycée, a key player in Luxembourg’s dual career landscape, partnered with TWIN to invigorate their institutional strategy.

Fueled by its EU Presidency which had put dual career on its sport agenda, Luxembourg has made impressive steps forward in their structural development of athlete support services.  As a most important puzzle piece of the Luxembourgish dual career system, the Sportlycée is a public sport school with the mission to help talented athletes to combine sport and education on secondary school level. The national programme is run in cooperation with sport federations and the Federal Ministry of Sport.

Since 2016, TWIN Founder & CEO Wolfgang Stockinger has served as an external consultant of the national implementation process of dual career in Luxembourg.

“TWIN has played a pivotal role in the implementation of dual career in Luxembourg. Through the consultation on the strategic planning of the national scheme and transfer of key expertise to our dual career support providers, we have been able to extend and enhance our services to athletes.”
Romain Schneider
Former Minister of Sports, Luxembourg

Shaping a communicative strategy

Sportlycée has always prioritized enhancing its dual career environment, striving for continuous improvement. Recently, the institution enlisted the support of TWIN to optimize its communication strategy. A one-day workshop was organized to evaluate the current state and formulate strategic plans. The workshop brought together a diverse team including school management, teachers, sports psychologists, and counsellors.

The first part of the workshop focused on analyzing the various communication levels within the institutional dual career system, as well as identifying any existing communication challenges. Through this process, the team pinpointed key areas for strategic adjustments.

Building upon these insights, the second part of the workshop delved into how the concept of dual career could be effectively communicated to the school’s diverse stakeholders. Staff members took on different roles to better understand the perspectives and motivations of external parties. Drawing from these experiences, the group collaboratively developed a framework aimed at improving communication. This framework provides a solid foundation for Sportlycée to autonomously refine its communication strategies moving forward.

Sportlycée Luxembourg, Workshop
Sportlycée experts & Wolfgang Stockinger
[ Note: Video updated in 2022 ]