TWIN Founder & CEO Wolfgang Stockinger was the keynote speaker of the Kennisevent TeamNL@work 2022 in the National Sports Centre of Papendal.

As the centrepiece of Dutch elite sport, TeamNL of the Olympic Committee*National Sports Federation of the Netherlands (NOC*NSF) unites 29 national sport federations. In 2019, TWIN had conducted a Master Class, advising the organisation on how to upgrade their transition support and job placement programme for athletes. 3 years later, this collaboration has led to another joint undertaking.

Stimulating a whole-system-mindset

The conference TeamNL@work 2022 of NOC*NSF gathered the country’s dual career stakeholders aiming to make next steps in their national athlete support system. 200 Dutch, 1 Austrian: As the only foreign guest, Wolfgang Stockinger had the honour to deliver the keynote of this vibrant event.

Wolfgang Stockinger TWIN Keynote 2022
Wolfgang Stockinger at the Kennisevent TeamNL @work 2022

In his speech, he paired system-theoretical views with real-life athlete stories coming out of TWIN’s international counselling programme, to consequently draw implications for structural development of the Dutch landscape of sport, education, and the labour market.

“Behind the curtain, dual career systems represent interactive cultural patterns of beliefs, motives, objectives, professions, disciplines, communication processes, services, ethical standards, or traditions. If such complex systems want to make the next step in their development, they need to optimize the way their institutional actors play together.”
Wolfgang Stockinger
Founder & CEO, TWIN

Keynote Wolfgang Stockinger audience

We thank NOC*NSF for this special invitation. Impacting the Netherlands’ national movement to discuss, reflect upon, and further shape their country’s support system for athletes has been our privilege and pleasure.

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Photos by © NOC*NSF