HerForm is an Erasmus+ Sport project co-designed by Rugby Players Ireland and TWIN. This week, the project gathered in the vibrant city of Madrid to embark on an exciting new phase: the development of the digital HerForm training hub.

Following Dublin and Cologne, Asociación de Jugadores de Fútbol Sala hosted the third partner meeting in Spain. The two working days underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in creating a robust training framework.

In this regard, support programmes for women in sports have historically often been inadequate or poorly adapted from male-centric models. HerForm therefore aims to rectify this by providing a gender-specific, evidence-based training platform.

Her skills. Her sport. Her career.

The HerForm hub aims to impact the challenging journey of female athletes, providing essential and freely accessible support as they strive for high-performance excellence. The platform will offer a video-based training course across five critical training modules:

  • M1 | Her foundations – The concept of Me
  • M2 | Her body & mind – The concept of female health
  • M3 | Her relationships – The concept of communication
  • M4 | Her rights – The concept of safety
  • M5 | Her transitions – The concept of change

Expert content will be co-created by European and African organisations, namely Rugby Players Ireland, Asociacion de Jugadores de Futbol Sala, NYSA SwedenDeutsche Sporthochschule Köln, South African Cricketers Association, and TWIN.

The HerForm training will not only cater to female athletes but also provide resources for athlete service providers, as the curriculum will blend digital training with on-site workshop components, ensuring a comprehensive support system.

The HerForm hub is set to launch in December 2025. Meanwhile, more information can be found at herform.eu.

HerForm is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU
Project number: 101090528
Project duration: 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2025